March 24, 2021

Why does a manicure always fix everything??

As I’m writing this I currently have a perfect French manicure, and a fresh red pedicure. I instantly feel as if I have my shit together. Humor me & tell me i’m not the only one. Afterwards on my way to lunch I was letting cars go in front of me, waving Hi to people, I felt like I just woke up from a nap! Somehow the freshness of new nails just completes everything, I am a different person before & after. You pair this with a car wash and I’m unstoppable. Or at least I feel like it. Don’t get me wrong… there are a slew of other things I need to accomplish. Yet when I cross them off something just clicks when I don’t see my cuticles anymore.

Im serious! What is it about having a fresh manicure that makes everything else feel better? For me I have to get my nails done every 2 weeks like clockwork. I don’t view as a waste of money, Its a necessity. We all waste $35 on something. I choose nails. I don’t go into TJ MAXX or Target to buy another fake plant, stupid candle, or graphic tee on clearance I know I will never wear. I don’t even allow myself to go in there. I buy nails. Its such a priority to me. I’ve even nursed Christian one-handed while getting them done. No excuses.

If you’ve been following me for. while you know I’ve had every color & style hair under the sun hot pink, neon purple (both all over!), white/black/red, Light pink, black, red, copper, and everything in between. However my nails must be plain, classic, and without design. I know! Crazy right!? I like them short, clean, simple. No accent nail, no artwork, nada. Maybe it says something about my personality, not sure what, I find it comical. I never realized it until a friend of mine pointed it out.

We were in the chair & the lady asked me if I wanted some design since it was summer & I was like “ Ummm no thanks!” No offense if you like this sort of thing, its just not ME. My best friend looked at me shocked and said “Seriously?! You have bright purple hair!! You don’t want nail art?”

Huh. Never thought of it. She was right. Very astute observation. The picture attached to this is of my best friend Amanda & I at a nail salon In Virginia, I had my purple hair.

What are your must-haves to feel complete/put together/like you can conquer the world?? My girlfriend Lauren is obsessed with planners. I’m not even sure she manages to write in all of them. My uncle Rodney has a Post-It addiction. You put a pug in his office drawer at his desk and HIS life is complete. Also, he HAS had a no-polish manicure/pedicure…. and he did say it was life-changing.

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