April 22, 2021

I love clean sheets….

There is nothing better in life than sliding into clean sheets after a long day. Nothing. It instantly calms my mind & gives me a huge sense of comfort. I’m pretty sure my love affair with sheets began when I was 5. If you read my previous blogs you will know I came from a very frugal family. I have so many hilarious accounts of my moms frugality. Some of which are painful. However, let me tell you the tale of my first bed….

It was 1990, I was 5. Someone my mom worked was selling her bed suite. And I just happen to be in need of my first big girl bed. I was shocked my mom got my first big girl dresser & bed from her. Along with a jewelry box, which I still have on my dresser, 30 years later.

This bed was not just any bed. It was a queen size WATER BED. With a MF CANOPY.

Oh it gets better. It came with RED SATIN SHEETS. I was 5.

I hit the bed jackpot.

If you ever slept in a water bed you know its the cats ass. I freaking LOVED that thing. I had it until I was a teenager. I mean why wouldn’t I?! It had a 4 post canopy frilly white comforter that came with it!! It rocked. When it was the late 90s I adorned the underside of the canopy with Leonardo DiCaprio. Ahhhh…. who didn’t love him in 1997?!

So fast froward to church camp. My need for clean sheets continues. I was a church camp kid. I loved it. I looked so forward to it every year. We went to Camp McPherson somewhere in middle Ohio. I think it took an hour to get there. The first year I went I didn’t know what to expect. We all arrived in the church van & rolled out like we were at a clown car circus. I remember walking into our sleeping quarters & my jaw dropped. We had to sleep on a metal bunk bed on a cement slab floor. With a thin, old, crusty mattress. Wahhhhhh!!! So I did not think ahead. I had only packed a sleeping bag, because that’s what everyone else said to pack.



I slept the first night freaking out the whole time. I kept waking up because my sleeping bag kept separating from my pillow. Meaning my shoulders had to touch the old crusty mattress. Uncovered. YUCK. Furthermore…. my PILLOW of all things had to lay on the mattress!!! EWWWW. I couldn’t even handle the thought of who had slept on this thing & how old its was. And that my face had to touch it. No skin care mask could take care of my mental warfare at this point. And Yes, I bought a caboodle full of makeup & skincare to church camp. Duh.

So I thought there must be an alternative to the camp life. I loved church camp. LOVED it. But there had to be another way to make it better. It would be later in the week I discovered a golden ticket to making my remaining years better. I overheard someone say that counselors could drive separately from the church bus…. AKA you could pack as much as you wanted. My mom just happened to be a camp counselor!!!!
So when you ride on the church bus you were only allowed to pack one bag.

Not acceptable.

When I found out my mom could drive separate!!!! That meant I could pack as much as I wanted!!!!

So Anjalee the princess & the pea commenced!

The next year I packed not only red satin sheets. I packed an area rug, a floor lamp, a foldable end table ( I had to have somewhere to set my Caboodle), and a comforter. Sleeping bags were for pussies. This was the real deal. I wasn’t messing around.


I also brought 14 issues of Tiger Beat and hung JTT, Hanson, & Leo all over my corner of the cement slab bunker. I looked like I was in my own dorm room.

This continued every year for about 5 years. My mom said nothing, she knew what I needed out of life. A little bit of Jesus & a lot of comfort from satin sheets. Hallelujah!!

Now as an adult I am very fortunate to have a dear soul , who I love, clean my house because I am a total slob. I have to clean my house before she comes over. Its bad when she arrives, but I proceed to tell her how much worse it was before she got there. She makes my bed so luxuriously & perfectly. I love nothing more than to slid into my 1100 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets after she has made it. With white satin pillow cases. (Its better for your hair & skin ) The house could be on fire & I wouldn’t care. Nothing is getting me out of that bed. Except an empty glass… but that’s what you have a cat with opposable thumbs for.

What completes your life or night? Is it clean sheets? 15 year scotch ? Or a foot rub?

If I had all 3 Id be in Heaven! But change the scotch to a 15 year Port…

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