January 2, 2022

It’s been quite the month of healing…



So we launched ‘Healing HaIrcuts’ in early November, I came here to tell you the difference we’ve made in peoples lives has been INSANE. I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first. Now don’t get me wrong! I believe what we could do, and I knew what I could offer. My job is to do the haircut first, prepare your mind, help you transition from outside chaos to inside peace, and ground you so Lauren can do the internal work. I know she knows what she is doing, and its powerful $#IT. However Ive never actually SEEN it firsthand. I was only a little skeptical because I wasn’t quite sure of the impact we could make on people’s lives, I just didn’t know for certain.

I am here to tell you its been one of the most rewarding experiences ever. Ok, that’s putting it mildly. We are kicking ass at this. And loving every minute of it! Every one of our guests leaves feeling the best they’ve ever felt in a very long time. They finally feel as if they have clarity, understanding, direction, & answers.

I had the vision for this unique service come to me while I was in Zion National Park this past August. I wanted to deliver to our community something truly remarkable & incredibly inventive. It started with me thinking outside the box. I brainstormed about how to deliver the most epic service, but here’s the key, that NO ON ELSE WAS DOING EITHER.

Let’s combine the relaxation of a haircut, with the power of an energy reading/spiritual tune-up. Holy mind blowing!! And believe me…. it has been!

Lauren’s Recap:

In taking time to sit and reflect on people’s experiences during their healing haircuts over the last month, I am filled with so much gratitude. Being able to witness someone’s transformation begin in the salon is so humbling.

One client came in not realizing how much grief she was still holding onto from a previous relationship, but in performing reiki and a reading, she was able to release so much of it.

Another client came in not knowing what her purpose is in this lifetime, but in channeling messages for her she was able to gain an understanding of the steps she needs to take in being able to move forward in her purpose.

Lauren jokes that if she doesn’t make you cry, she hasn’t done her job. Why? Because the release is part of the healing process. We try to bottle our emotions up and not feel hurt, grief, and pain – but inside the salon is the safe space you’ve been waiting for to let it all go.

Each client is different.

Each comes to us with a story.

Each person walks away feeling more at peace than when they walked in the door.

One thing every single person has said before walking out our door is that they are so grateful they trusted themselves in scheduling their healing haircut because they are forever changed for the better.

Clarity looks good on you, babe. What are you waiting for?

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