weddings're getting married!?

You’ve selected the salmon, your dress is pressed, your something blue is your grandmother's pin carefully placed... you know what else you need??

A wedding team who has your back, can put you at ease with humor, & charge your phone.

Girl, we’ve got your back. 

We’re honest about what isn’t flattering. We have reminded a sulky MOH (maid of honor) it’s NOT their day. We’ve also not let a mom’s style overshadow their daughter’s selected style. 

All while refilling your glass, holding your hand, & drying a few tears. Annnnd...we have been known to show up with our open speaker with a bridal day playlist.

I have been styling brides' hair for 18 years, I’ve seen it all and I know what a bride needs on their special day. It isn’t always just about the hair. I’ve trained my team to be that bestie that you might just need in that moment of panic.

Why choose us?

We can deliver a pretty spectacular hairstyle, however, what has set Anjalee’s wedding team apart for the last 10 years in Keene, is their attention to detail. 

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