September 1, 2021

Let me tell you about this Rad week @ the Hair Love Retreat……

I just arrived back to my hotel from my week long retreat & I’m stoked. I’m stoked for life, my business, & most importantly….. my soul.

This week has been eye opening, in many of ways. I really put myself out of my comfort zone, in so many ways. If you know me at all…. I’m wicked extra & above all else I’m super Boujee. I CAMPED. Well for me, I camped. We stay in a tent. I called it a yurt. It basically was. It did have a shower, a “pull chain” shower ,I did not know what that was… I quickly found out. Luckily I had the most rad tent mate & we MacGyver’d that S#iT.

Have you ever been to California?

I have. I’ve also met California in a real life person. Her name is Mon Cheri. We Call her “Cher-ee”

I cannot make this shit up. Luckily for her Im obsessed with French culture so I could pronounce it correctly. Kudos to me. ✌

I enjoy traveling. I relish in my alone time. I call it “Anj time”. My soul requires it to function appropriately. So for me to share my intimate space (IN A FREAKING TENT) is huge for me. I was nervous as to whom they paired me with. I arrived before Miss California did. I started making myself comfortable, then I quickly realized how very little room there was in this tent. The “ANJ-BOMB” had arrived. Holla!!!!

I tried my best to keep my shit contained, I think I did fairly well. Trust me it could have been so much worse. Then after about 30-40 min. She arrives………..Mon Cheri. Happy. Confident. Super chill.

I’ve honestly never met anyone like her.

She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, stand up for herself, & call people out on their extremely contradictory behavior. Yet she delivers it in the most genuine & sincere manner.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you she is my new hero.

I learned more from her assertiveness than I did the entire retreat. We had honest, open , & real conversations at night in our tent. I witnessed her get publicly accosted ( in a slightly gentle manner) & handle that shit with true grace. It made me so uncomfortable I had to leave. I can’t handle conflict well, Im trying my best.

I witnessed this beauty handle it with nothing short of absolute true grace.

My motto has always been- “It’s not what you say…. but HOW you say it” . I stand by this rule. Yet I believe this is her unspoken legacy. I’ve never seen anyone handle the amount of BS she did, with true grit & tenacity.

I believe God puts every single person in your path for a reason, 100%. We are meant to encounter everyone we meet & learn something from them. Im not afraid to tell you I’ve spent a grand total of $6K on this trip.

It was worth every penny.

Thank you Cheri for teaching me grace, honesty, & true grit.

You are one RAD chick.

I love you & I cannot wait for you to visit New Hampshire.

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  1. Melissa Selby says:

    Thank you for sharing this about my dear friend Cheri. These past 18 years she has never been a hair shy of all these things. Glad to be “family” with her, my beautiful unicorn woman. (and I’m sure we will cross paths cuz that’s what she does, brings souls together, so can’t wait to meet you…get ready for Cheri’s tribe!)