March 3, 2021

What do you do when your dreams actually come true?

Ok hear me out…What is something that has always been on your vision board?? Think. Everyone has something. For me it was a hair salon. But not just any hair salon. a BIG salon. I would manifest on this daily when I was a little girl. Im not kidding, as young as 7, I wanted windows, tons of natural light, & a big open feel. But let me back track a little bit to tell you some history as to how I got here.

When I was 7 my father asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said without hesitation a pink playhouse that I could utilize as a salon too. I requested it to have real windows, shingles, and a real door. I wanted it to be legit. Now before I sound too spoiled let me preface this; I grew up in a VERY frugal family. Like painfully frugal. I’ve been on vacations & was allowed to only get one souvenir. Yes, lucky me! Except I had to get the sweatshirt big enough so my mom could wear it too… it got more use that way. (insert eye roll here)

So needless to say my father was astonished by my request. Well I did receive the playhouse of my dreams. Except it didn’t have electricity or running water. granted I was 7 so I didn’t realize that those 2 things entailed. Once I expressed my concerns about where I COULDN’T plug in my hot rollers (it was ‘92 after all) he ran an extension cord from our house to the ‘salon’ and he put in a camping sink that had a large water reservoir in it. So I could ‘turn on’ water and have it come out of a faucet. I love you daddy. The best part was I wanted it painted light pink (of course he did that) the problem was that It faded so quickly and it had to be repainted every 2 years. Ooops. Poor color choice. When I grew up, moved out, got married, I came back to visit one day & realized my playhouse was painted dark red! I asked my dad why and he said how time consuming it was to keep painting it. I just said ‘Aww ok dad, I get it. I miss the pink though’

My next visit…. it was painted back to pink. I was 23 years old.

So all the while I had this playhouse I played in it like it was real. I had a service menu made up, business cards, and salon swag. This was before computers so everything was handmade. Thank god my only client was my mom. Man that feels like yesterday. I would take every single body lotion, hairspray, gel, comb, and barrette in the house- set them out on display (retail area) and hand my mom a bag to ‘shop’ with. Whatever she chose I would use on her that afternoon. I had a chaise lounge chair set up by our pool, I gave her sunglasses & told her to relax. Oh sweet Jesus did I have ambition. This was called ‘Club Paradise”.




Fast forward 30 years and my dream comes true…. but not before a lot more crazy stories in between then were to happen to make this all possible. This is where it really gets juicy. Like, uncork the bottle & chug juicy. Extortion, divorce, failures, loss, defeat… it all happened to me. I wouldn’t change it for the world. It led me to where I am now.

So what do you do when everything you prayed & manifested for comes true? Are you allowed to be happy for your self? Are you allowed to feel proud? Should you consider yourself lucky? If you’re proud of yourself do people think you’re being cocky? If you share your story, how much true shit you went through, do people think you’re being boastful?

Do you even care? Im not gonna lie, it’s hard not to care what others think. I try so damn hard not to let it bother me. However, Im only human.

I leave you with this thought; is it human nature to be genuinely happy for someones successes?? Or does it instantly spark jealousy>

I challenge you to be happy for that person. I challenge you to instantly be happy for them, not jealous.

Clap for them in their winning season…. you don’t know what they lost in their off season.

See you next week, the story continues.

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  1. Jana Blake says:

    Absolutely love the the part of your blog talking about how your dad painted the playhouse back pink for you even though you were 23! Your parents have always loved and supported you through every trial and tribulation throughout your life, and you are truly an amazing woman Anjalee who has definitely risen above adversity! Proud of you my friend!

    • Anjalee Dreher says:

      When someone tells you they can’t do something without you, it makes you work your A$$ off!! I couldn’t prove them right!

      And I know!! I said Dad! You didn’t have to paint it back!! hahaha!!!

  2. Lizz Whittaker says:

    I love your blog post I can’t wait to read more I love how you had club paradise and how you had a pink playhouse all set up for your salon. So proud of how far you have come.

  3. Gracie Feraios says:

    I’m so proud of you when I see all your posts and what you’ve achieved for yourself. I remember getting my hair done at your house then your first salon and now you’re at your new salon. It is awesome to see you making your dreams come true! Very happy for you! Keep killin it!

  4. Vanessa Calkins says:

    This!!! Girl you’re amazing. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Christina says:

    I am reading this today on International Women’s Day. You dreamed it and worked for your success. So. Happy. For. You. <3